Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

The failed DCE of Awutu Senya West Constituency, Hon. Stephen Kwame Quaye sent his thugs to beat up NDC communicators at information centre for exposing him and his MP on the lies they spew around to win vote.

These NDC communicators went to the information centre around 4am today to explain the ‘People’s manifesto’ to the good people Obrachire, which is located in the Awutu Senya west constituency. After explaining some of the key promises of John Mahama, these communicators iterated that, the DCE and his MP, George Andah has not done anything meaningful for the good people of Obrachire. They again said 80% of the achievements stated in the MP’s achievements book are not existing and it is tactics to deceive people to vote for the NPP.
The DCE who stays in Obrachire upon hearing this sent his thugs to beat them up…. He later followed to the scene to warn the NDC communicators not to mention his name, that of his MP and Nana Addo’s at the information centre again.
It took the leadership and the Obrachire town folks to rescue these harmless NDC communicators. The town folks after rescuing these guys hooted at the DCE and told him his action was needless because there is freedom of speech and besides he must be accountable to the people.
Is this election going to be peaceful? If a DCE can move his car fueled with tax payer’s money to go support his thugs beat up other citizens for humbly expressing their views at information centre then our security services must tighten their belt….
Recently, the MP for the area, Hon. George Nenyi Andah also started threatening some youth at Senya with fully armed policemen for telling him that he has no achievements in his own hometown.
Some people argued that it is a tactics employed by this failed leadership to shut them up so they don’t talk about the weaknesses of this administration.

Kwaku Odupong

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