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The future of Kumawood Movie Industry after the departure of Bishop Bernard Nyarko(BBN).

We are all humans and us mortals we begins to think anytime a green leaf drops. Either it is persuading by something or something is persuading it. The KUMAHOOD veteran actor know as BISHOP BERNARD NYARKO(BBN), hold his breath in the early days of the month May. Whiles the whole world was in chaos and trying to managed the world pandemic disease known as CONVID-19 in the year 2020.

Although, the deceased tempted to resign the role he play in the movie industry some view months ago. The popular actor was totally in ministry, that means He finally settle down and executed into the WORD OF GOD recently before his departure.

In most of his speech the actor was describing the movie industry as barbaric and evil, though no one knew what the talented actor went through during his tenure in the KUMAHOOD MOVIE INDUSTRY.

Notwithstanding an interview was conducted by GHPage from another top KUMAHOOD actor Slyvester Acheampong popularly know as SLY. Mr Acheampong was also in support of the deceased that the INDUSTRY was malicious in this 21st Century. From his own hooke and cavity, one day during a platform were he was starring in one of the movie. One of the well known movie producer, drop the venue and told the DIRECTOR of the movie and said ” do you people still used SLY”. The word that came out from the producer was heartbreaking which kill his spirit, therefore there no hope and enthusiasm to starred the movie in that moment.

Mr. Sly also added that although, there wasnt a chance for the various platforms or groups in the KUMAHOOD MOVIE INDUSTRY such as GHANA ACTORS GOLD,KUMAHOOD GOLD, KUMAHOOD SILVER e.t.c to pay a ransome visit to the deceased when he was alive, but the Board Executive Members could have employed different methods example MTN MOMO, AITEL TIGO CASH, VODAFONE CASH etc, to support the health of our beloved brother BISHOP BERNARD NYARKO when he was alive. Mr Sly concluded by adding that a source from BISHOP own brother said that a cost of dosage tablet when BISHOP was alive was 1000gh plus, so at least the INDUSTRY could have did it’s best to contribute something to remedy the situation.

So with the interview from Mr. Sly, from his own experiences from the INDUSTRY tell something about the future of the MOVIE INDUSTRY in ASHANTI REGION. You could release the evil and barbaric some time ago, BISHOP BERARD NYARKO was describing the game. The deceased during his last speech in his church premises said that,”boa me 3ber3 a metease, no 3moum )y3 s3 mawuo na wor3b3bo mensaaa…… “.meaning at that moment he is gone. He is longer part of us, thinking different thing altogether..

With the blow in the MOVIE INDUSTRY now, what is the future for the youngsters and the next generation who are interested to take part in the MOVIE INDUSTRY. When you compare to our counterpart country nigeria you realize that the NOLLYWOOD INDUSTRY is well planned and also preparing the youngsters with mix abilities ahead for the future generations. So what are the policies ahead, is there going to be chance or still the drumming will continue. Then those interested in movie should prepared to meet the battle.. KUMAHOOD IN TROUBLE…

WRITTEN BY Musah Yahaya

Sekyere East District…

Effiduase-Seniagya ….GHANA. 

Contact…… 0243573504


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