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The Lesson Learnt From The June 3rd Disaster

On Wednesday,  3rd June, 2015, as usual, I’d been at Church for Bible Class. My presence for that class cannot be missed since I design and project the lesson presented by the preacher on a big screen for the congregation.

There was this youth who was not a regular attendant at Wednesday services,  since he’s always on duty at work. He works in a warehouse at Nkrumah Circle in Accra,  close to a petrol filling station.

That 3rd June, the black Wednesday for Ghanaians and indeed all Africans and mankind, this youth was present at Church,  in the  evening,  for Bible studies.

Halfway into the studies,  the firmament opened its windows to pour torrentially,  rains that got almost all central  Accra with her choked gutters flooded.

Many people who were in town sought cover in front of the filling station, as the newsmen revealed later.

Back at  the church, the splashing of the rains on the roof means no one heard the teacher,  so the service must stop,  and the congregants wait for when the rains would stop for them to return to their homes. I was a resident at the Church’s mission House,  so their presence was to keep me company.

The youth, Edward his name,  who should report to duty or risk losing his job kept on lamenting why he came to church that night. If he knew the rains would keep him captive there,  there wouldn’t had been the need to even pass by, let alone sitting down for the food that feeds the soul. 

He even attempted many times to stop a cab that passes by in front of our church’s gate to be hurried to work as he kept watching the clock to count the hours he’d missed for work. 

None of the drivers was ready to brave the deluge for even promises of millions to chauffeur him to his destination.

The church premises was the only place to keep this worried  youth till the windows of the heavens were closed to stop the rains.

Edward  was the first person to exit the gates, armed with excuses upon excuses to defend his unceremonious leave from duty when his Boss question him to explain the unusual absence.

He got to the workplace in earnest by the first taxicab that he  hired.

He was welcomed by smoke smouldering from the warehouse in which he would have worked the previous night, the very time he spent in the church.

Entering through the burnt gates, he  used his mobile phone camera to capture charred bodies of his friends who he work with and was to have been on duty with them that unfortunate night.

No worker at his sector escaped the blaze.

It came to light that more than hundred people died,  not only because they were washed away by the currents of the flooding,  but the petrol station that sheltered people caught fire.  A blaze that forced the sheltering souls to save their lives in the lesser evil of the filled up gutters of muddy water.  If you escaped with small burns and belly filled with gulped down unwholesome water,  you’ll thank your stars.

The streets of Accra the following morning 4th June, 2015, was littered with human carcasses sequel to that rains, either of burns or drowning.

It was when the youth posted the pictures of the dead bodies to our church WhatsApp group,  that he was reminded of his uneasiness the night before,  and how he could make a sermon out of the special favour granted him by an unseen hand who covered him somewhere that night.  An experience that will teach mankind to  learn how to give praise to their creator in all life’s vicissitudes.

Your stuck in poverty today could be for a special reason.  Don’t do evil to yourself because your plans never fulfilled as you’ve dreamt it.  Keep on learning from experiences,  when the knowledge acquired gives you wisdom,  you’d be the gem to behold.

No one knows why for long Blacks everywhere are dominated by imperialists who pin their knees on our necks and strangle us to our early graves.  May the gentle soul of George Floyd rest in perfect peace.

As the first sons of creation,  the creator knows why we’ve been kept in servitude for this long.  We’ll heave a sigh of relief in yonder,  fulfilling the good  reasons for which we’ve been kept in the woods for that long receiving life lessons.

Blacks will be great again!

Written by: Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord )

The Founder Of One Ghana Movement (#1GhM)

Contact/WhatsApp: +233249542111


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