Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

In a widely circulated social media post by Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia, the vice president of Ghana, he’d likened the Okada operations in the country to a life and death issue.
Ending the said post that gave the reader a gist about his speech as a guest speaker at the launching of a strategic collaboration between Voltswagen and BlackIvy, for the production of affordable vehicles and houses, the Dr. Bawumia, who’s also the running mate to the NPP’s presidential candidate, President Akuffo Addo, in the December 7, 2020 national polls, sought nothing farther than narrowing his views on banning the Okada business which now employs more than 800, 000 youths in the country.

Notwithstanding the lofty ideas, albeit not different from the many unfulfilled promises laced in their 2016 manifesto that hoodwinked the Ghanaian voter and ended us in our current misery, the Vice President and his NPP party want us to believe that Ghana is now living in a utopian Paradise that will mean in a flash of magic wand all old cars and motor bikes on our roads should be replaced by either made or assembled in Ghana cars.

Much was not said in his post about the affordable houses which was a major recurring beguiling message in their first wooing of Ghanaians in the last elections. So let’s leave our rejoinder to asking relevant and realistic questions to Dr. Bawumia if his party’s quest to perpetually criminalise Okada business is not a diabolic fiendish attempt to impoverish the teeming youths whose livelihood is tethered to the Okada business no matter what.
First of of all, let’s state without ambiguity that Ghana deserves the same development projects seen in other jurisdictions. And as voted for to fulfil their wooing promises to Ghanaians prior to the 2016 polls, it’s actually long overdue for Ghana to rid off alakya (rickety ) cars from our roads.
That’s dependent on the point of view from where you’re coming taking to thoughts about the Veep’s new vehicles revolution vis-a-vis not legalising and regulating Okada.

Who will begrudge you if you’re giving new cars to replace old ones. Or giving out new cars to replace motor bikes in a no-brainer fashion?

Is that not on paper, a manifesto promise which is not unusual to what we read from their unfulfilled yesteryears manifesto promises?

Is the okada not ongoing, operational?

Meaning, those making ends meet today from Okada should stay hungry till Dr. Bawumia’s promises are fulfilled, only God knows when that would be realisable as history on such many promises is our reference point here?

Let’s think and live in reality than these chauvinistic fairytale Paradise politicking anytime we seek the people’s mandate to govern them.

That notwithstanding, as things stands now: ie: poor, unpaved roads in most parts of our country, it’s only realisable as a fairytale if the NPP keeps on promising to ban Okada from our roads.
Go to the remotest parts at the farming communities at Sefwi in the Western Region and prove wrong what I do say here.

Perhaps, the comfortable cars they drive in during their nationwide tours is blinding them from seeing the many roads that’s only accessible by motor bikes, and the essential services they provide to the residents there.

Okada is here to stay!!!! What serious governments should think of doing now is to find means to regulate it, having in mind how to surmount the challenges those who operate and patronise the motor bikes encounter.

And such is the proposal of the people’s manifesto by the next government, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government with President John Dramani Mahama at its helm will Insha Allah bring to fruition.

The Akan people say: Nnam dodoɔ nnsɛe nkwan.
So it’s not gainsaying if the next NDC government will maintain and regularise Okada alongside introducing new means of transport into the mix as was seen in the now defunct Ayalolo Buses during our reign.


Written by: Adusei Collins
Cadre of the NDC party
Contact: 0546004854

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