Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

There is nothing men will do under the sky which shall go unnoticed. Every action of men being it good or evil shall surely attract the attention of the society. The monarch of UEW SRC (SIR REUBEN) has become restless following the exposé of his evil plots during the just ended SRC vetting.

He thought no one will be able to figure him out. He had an evil intention of establishing a student leadership dynasty for his cohorts. To achieve that, he created a platform to train some of his boys to take-over from him so they can continue with their anti-social activities.

He has become restless as the facts surrounding this intention begins to unfold. He never expected the good students of UEW to be privy with this but God has expose him. He manipulated the vetting committee to pave way for his boys but there is one thing he cannot manipulate and that is our sovereignty.

He has the SRC system in his hands but we hold our sovereignty firmly in our hands as well . The time to show this monarch that power emanates from the people is now.

We can destroy his established dynasty of leadership by voting against his darling boy (ISAAC MORRISON). On this note I urge all well meaning students of UEW to come together and vote against the evil plots of the SRC MONARCH (SIR REUBEN)


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