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There has been a stakeholder meeting involving the UEW management and the Minister of Education on the possible completion of the second semester amidst the scourge of the COVID 19 Pandemic and the following were arrived at:

1. Moodle Learning Management system is the only way to complete the semester and that its efficiency and effectiveness should be paramount.

2. All lecturers have been mandated to transfer and upload all their courses onto the Moodle LMS deadline Monday, 20th April,2020.

3. All level 400’s who are still in the early stages or near completion of their project work writing should convert it to a softcopy (pdf) with words ranging in between 3000-5000 or 13-14 pages respectively.

4. Lectures shall continue on the new platform and end on the 5th of June, 2020.

6th June – 14th June,2020 set aside for exams revision.

15th June -5th July 2020 shall be the period for the end of second semester examinations.

*However, the SRC had channeled students’ grievances and UEW management agreed and considering the following:

1. Grading will be strike down 70%-75% as ‘A’ in that order.

2. Lecturers shall give students a week or two prior notice before conducting any quiz or examinations.

3. Students who by genuine reasons could not write any of the quizzes or exams shall have another chance of writing it as supplementary and if possible extended in order to avoid over burdening of students.

4. Students who have difficulties in registering onto the page shall have their respective HoD’s come to their aid and assist them accordingly.

With prior notices, students who find themselves in remote areas where accessibility of internet or lights is difficult, shall be informed to move to a more appropriate place to access the aforementioned for the purposes stated.



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