Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

I took an entrenched position no to engage you in politics till life do us apart because you raised and pegged my pedigree with that of Alex Ato Kwamena Afenyo Markins jettisoning youself the very day you lost everything and he was your last resort to face me. But as I sit on the throne of Glory rocking shoulders with the likes of Afenyo,I deem it a bit appropriate to descend and engage you, after all, Ato Kwamena use to descend.

We fought to the bone 🦴 to keep you where you are/were today.Some supported with their intellect,muscles,money,other resources when you had woefully nothing. So in the spirit of loyalty,Is prudent when you pay back gently when the need arises.But we are aware of the bitter wine you gave us when we gave you water in an instance of both been thirsty.Your public commentaries elicited how reluctant you felt to push the agenda.You demonstrated open hatred and even wished it went to the other side but Nyame ne Hene.

We are aware of how you feeling reluctant to even hand over the baton for someone to continue,the very reason you delayed processes into the election so even if you hand over, the new executives can’t perform with the limited time. We know the deadline for elections to have been conducted was by March 7th,2021 so how come.Anyway, Political Thinker will deliver even if it is just a minute. Just that this time do it right and organise the handing over very fast because time no dey.

You never thought a day will come where you will leave office right? Oh okay then is verily eminent.That shows no Political power is permanent and that power is transient hence Ato Kwamena Afenyo Markin won’t be in power forever so if you will at this point not seek good counsel and will continue your shenanigans,fair enough.You played a double standard game and both sides saw the cracks you will be leaving behind.In fact we all thought as much.Most of the TESCON ladies sees the association not attractive anymore because you want to eat everything. Haba!

Anyway one of your associates told me your open endorsement for B.B lost him votes. Have you realised how you have lost touch to the extent the people you had command over in the yesterdays now oppose your stance? A classical example is the SRC elections.

Calm down oooo let’s play the game because no matter how pompous you are and will be, you can never fly…

Anyway,let me chop my house matter after all is good if you have jeopardized the front of the elephant on campus.Now control from behind let’s see.As a staunch fun of Sarkodie, I leave with you his song titled “Advice” I may come again to your counsel when the Bawumiah and Alan brouhaha springs up.

But before I go, brother Zakari Ali Sulley,just in case you have forgotten,today is the SRC handing over so kindly permit me let me just use your d)d)))d) to d) to end this Verse.


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