Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Today, the outspoken journalist, Captain Smart has made it on air during a morning show interview on XYZ with Okatakyie Afrira Mensah and co. to disclose and discuss certain pressing matters of the country. Captain Smart made a momentous drastic claim that, this current government is the complete definition of the word “disappointment.

Speaking on the matters of the state concerning the ‘Agyapa’ deal, the host, Okatakyie Afrira Mensah asked Captain Smart that the president said he was bringing the Agyapa deal to help the country which many citizens especially the media refuted against it and now the finance minister claims that they are reinstating this deal again so what was his view to this.

Hence, Captain Smart responded by initially claiming that, he had never believed any state institution before and that “this government is the complete definition of the word disappointment”. He gave a brief scenario that, if you are given a position as a leader, you must the citizens in it so that you protect the property. He adds that, but if you are given this mandate and you don’t protect it he become afraid.

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Source: TVXYZ

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