Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Are you an artist looking for a studio to record your songs?

Are you having problems with Public address system for your organization, program or event?

Do you need a spacious and a conducive place to do your rehearsals?

Do you face challenges when it comes to concert audio equipment?

Do you want the best services in the country, continent and world at large?

Your parties jams equipment are covered.

Virtually the days of wondering and barbarism is over. The days of poor likes plans, unable to find full equipment for a concert, poor sound system configuration, video solutions and the lights are over!

You need not to worry because Today’s Concerts Tours and Events will move you beyond the skeletal background framework of bad or poor sound system configuration to good, affordable and modernized sound system configuration.

We will make your face shine like Stainless Steel with our conducive studio rehearsals. Look no further.

    Who are we then? 

Today’s Concerts, Tours, and Events are complex, and 247 strives to do more than just fill a shop order; we provide full equipment for a Concert or Tour, sound system configurations, designing light plans, rigging plots, specially customized constructions, and video solutions.

Aside from this, our state of the art studio (247 Studio) is a pacesetter in quality live band studio production. We have a soundproof and spacious highly equipped with ultra-modern equipment for high-class productions and rehearsals.

What services do we provide?

   1. Light

Featuring professional level equipment for professional-level results is our hallmark. Looking for the best lightening for your corporate events, trade shows, tours, experiential marketing roadshows, and brand activation events? BBFM got you covered.


Our relentless commitment to safety is second to none. With our versatile stages, decking and truss displays, make it simple and easy to execute any type of event. Our experienced

 3.  SOUND

We are the best when it comes to concert audio equipment needs. We customize audio packages for private events, corporate functions, and multistage festivals nationwide team can create the perfect staging solution, making your vision a reality.

Let us be your one-stop hub for the perfect Event…

If you don’t want this then, what do you need again?

Wait no more!! Just


+233 594195155

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