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There are a lot of admirable jobs within the tourism industry one may not have heard of. The tourism industry is one that has many jobs, is very flexibility and is stable as well. You may have been admiring the tourism industry for some time now but you probably do not know the kind of career to make out of it, do not worry, here are 10 ten jobs in the tourism industry you can take advantage of.

    Travel and tour agents are personnel who plan all traveling and tour activities for people who desire to travel. It is often easier to seek the assistance of a travel agent for all your travelling needs as they have many years of experience and in-depth knowledge and will help you in booking your flights, transfer arrangements, hotel selection, planning activities and many more.
    To become one, you need to exercise great leadership skills, organizational skills, pay great attention to details and is up and doing. Apply for the latest Jobs in Ghana at
      One of the top jobs in the tourism industry is a hotel manager or a hotel staff. A hotel manager oversees all activities that take place in the hotel. They make sure that every activity that go on in the confines of the hotel is properly done. To be a hotel manager, you need great inter-personal skills, leadership skills, patience, great customer relations and so on. Among the many roles o f a hotel management is to ensure that the day to day running of the hotel is smooth, manage reservations, budget management, taking care of customer complaints, training and supervising staff, promoting and marketing the hotel. A hotel staff also works in the role he or she has been given. To be a hotel staff you must have great inter-personal skills, great customer relations among others.
    Events are not easy to organize therefore most people rely on the services of event organizers. An event organizer sees to it that events are organized successfully, hence, they plan carefully. One must be someone who is creative, can think on his feet, can work under pressure, can meet tight deadlines and with serious coordination and planning skills, pays attention to detail, great team worker and with great human relations to be an event organizer. Event organizers make sure to coordinate and plan every detail necessary for the success of the event; from inviting speakers to booking a place for the event, to planning the activities which will be carried out and time frame to every printed material to every little detail.
    A tour guide is one who regulates guided tours to a particular group of people. You need an in-depth and expert knowledge about a lot of places including historic sites, museums, educational sites and other tourist sites. Aside the knowledge, you must have excellent communication skills and great human relations.
    A spa manger is one of the tops jobs in the tourism sector. A spa manger manages everything that has to do with the spa. He or she looks at financing the spa, training and supervising employees, making sure the spa is always safe and healthy and keeping a serene and peaceful environment. They do administrative works also, like record keeping, taking stock inventories, managing pay roles and so on. One must exhibit great organizational and leadership skills in order to be one.
    A PR manager has the responsibility of managing and growing a specific brand. The PR manager brings up strategies, plans and means to grow and develop a brand. They normally act as spokespersons for most companies. The work involves regulating with influencers of the brand, syndicating positive press releases and putting out beneficial information about the brand across. You need skills in communication, problem solving and human relations.
    A sommelier simply means an expert in something. One of the well-known sommeliers are wine sommeliers. Wine sommeliers are expert in wines; someone who has in-depth knowledge in all aspects of wine services. Top restaurants may hire a wine sommelier to help them choose the best wines that will best suit all customers in terms of their budgets, tastes and preferences. This kind of work comes with a lot of stress as you will have to be arranging for wine tasting, going over the wine lists and seeing to satisfy customer needs. You need to be someone who can manage stress, has great communication and inter-personal skills.
    Activity coordinators are ones who run the day to day activities at places especially leisure centers. They are the ones on the grounds who ensure that the leisure of people is really taken care of. They often engage the guests a lot in order to make their leisure a good one. They also ensure that the leisure centers are properly managed, healthy and comfortable for all guests. You need great planning, creative and inter-personal skills to become one.
      Executive chefs are solely responsible for what goes on in the kitchen of restaurants and other eateries. They coordinate and supervise all the other kitchen staff, they make the menu for every day, provide everything needed to make the work smooth, they make sure that food and personal hygiene is maintained in the kitchen. To be one, you must be active, pay great attention to detail, and very efficient.
      A transport officer cordinates all transport activities within a company. A transport officer may be taking people on road trips or tours. It involves a lot of time and hard work. They also see that everything that needs to be transported is duly transported to its intended destination.
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