Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Once again, the inarguable role of a teacher has been expressly proven by a circulating photo on social media. Most at times, teaches argue that their profession is the most important one so far as raising important people in the society is concerned.

Today, the Deputy General Secretary for the Ghana National Association of Teachers, Dagbandow Kwame, had to forget his pride and ego, and kneel on the floor to beg teachers who are running away from Bawku to return. It must be noted that the teachers are running from Bawku to save their lives because of the unending conflicts in that area. Though they may be right in one sense to run away, they must be equally concerned about the future of the children.

Feeling the long term problem which my be caused by this, Mr. Dangbadow Kwame had to beg them to return. See the photos.

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