Authenticity Is Our Hallmark


Ghanaian musician, Chief Osei Bonsu, well known as Tulenkey, has made a debatable statement.

During a discussion with Elsie Lamar on Talkertainment, Tulenkey stated that it’s not a bad thing for partners to access each other’s phones.

He emphasized that any woman who talks about privacy and does not have an interest in going through her partner’s phone is a liar.

“If any woman tells a man that because she respects his privacy, she won’t go through his phone, then she’s a liar. She is hiding something. No girl will ever do that. Girls are very inquisitive, the word ‘konkonsa’ (gossip) came from girls. If a girl doesn’t read your chat, then it means there’s something wrong,” Tulenkey posited.

He added: “We need to access each other’s phones. It’s not a bad thing. No hidden secrets, no privacy. If any of my friends tells me that he saw my woman in another man’s car, I should be able to tell them who that particular man is. I need to know all your ins and out. You need to be transparent with me.”

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