Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

In Robert Greene’s 48 Laws Of Power, it’s recorded of Caesar leading his army to capturing Egypt in one of his many battles.
As the general was stepping out of his ship to the shores of the land of the Pharaoh’s, he slipped and fell facedown.

His men who anxiously looked on, interpreted this to mean a bad omen for the Romans in this battle. And that they’d be drubbed by the Egyptians more than their own history with Moses’s God sinking them in the Red Sea centuries earlier.
But as a master tactician, Caesar never heard what ever fears his timid men harboured.
He lied prostrate on the ground for a while, stretched his hands to grab handfuls of the Egyptian sand, and murmured some words as it’s in a prayer to himself, that were not understood by his awestruck men who were watching their general in that dramatic posturing.

Caesar calmed himself, and stood up in his full gait, exuding a newfound power, and in his eyes glowing with superiority. He robbed the handfuls of the Egyptian sand about his chest area, dirtying his war tunic in the process.

Word went round to the opposing army that Caesar has found a new strength in his rituals performed with the Egyptian sand.

Fearing the drooped spirited Egyptian army would lose the battle, Cleopatra, the daughter of the now deceased Pharaoh Ptolemy, and a distant successor to the throne, interceded for her country. Her beauty bought the heart of general Caesar. The Roman soldiers didn’t do any harm to the North Africans. Caesar only signed agreement with them to place his new wife Cleopatra on the Pharaoh throne, in the name, and as a regent of the Roman state.

Turning a seemingly bad omen into a new ritual, Caesar conquered a whole army and a whole state without a spear or a blow.

Same it’s today. What adversity are you in? Is it a scandal that seems to weigh you down in your chosen career, learn the ways of Caesar’s, and turn adversity into advantage.
Never let you be burdened by moral absolutes in your forward march to your dream destination. There are many who have in one way or the other fallen into the entanglements you find yourself in at the moment. They’re only waiting for a bold leader to make light of that faux pas and define all situations in the language of situational ethics. If you’re penitent of your actions, do so in a glowing spirits that would draw to your camp the cowardly hiding distant admirers.

Life is a big theater with many actors. Those you see around you are all players in that big theater. If you’re weighed down and beaten by your placarded scandal, then you’ve not learnt the lessons of acting to perfection, before mounting the bigger platform at the big theater.

Written by: Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord)
The Founder Of One Ghana Movement (#1GhM)
Contact: +233249542111

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