Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Playlist just got updated. It is not sakawa or fraud but by God’s favour, hard work, dedication, passion and a whole lot more.

Two white cars and one grey car for the young boy.

Young man/woman, you can also make it before hitting 30.

I saw a video of one lady in abrokyire somewhere insulting me left right and center because she thinks young Ghanaian living in Ghana can’t make it genuinely.

She should keep thinking that 1781 style. In fact I’ll never insult her for those insults she rained on me

I didn’t want to mind her and I won’t mind her again but what I just wrote is to tell any young man in Ghana that you can be here in Ghana and still make it big.

Zionfelix has never travelled to any European country or America but God is still blessing him.

In fact I didn’t mean to write a lot on this post but it’s becoming longer. Just be motivated by my success and work hard and same shall follow you.



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