Authenticity Is Our Hallmark


A former student of the University of Cape Coast had a dream to become a Military Officer but that changed when he failed to meet the age requirement

David Appiah Newton chose to overcome the disappointment and right away applied for the NABCO program as a teacher, which he successfully got the offer

The young man developed a new desire to become a Fashion Designer after an encounter with a friend and since then, he has been training as an apprentice to learn all there is to know


After his studies at the University of Cape Coast, David’s dream was to follow in his father’s steps and become an Officer in the Ghana Army but life, unfortunately had a completely different path drawn out for him.

David Appiah Newton had always been a good student and from a young age, he knew exactly what he wanted to be in life, a man in a uniform. Knowing very well that the life he wanted required being on top of his academics, he put in the work and studied hard in school.

David as an apprentice and posing for the camera Photo credit: David Appiah Newton

Source: UGC

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