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An interview by LOUD IN UEW with UEW SRC President

In an interview by LOUD IN UEW with UEW SRC President, Emmanuel Oduro popularly known Sir Castro and captured or monitored by Hot Stories Ghana (

The objective of this interview by our own media house on campus was to examine and find out why the SRC, some stake holders and it’s electoral commission who have the rights to decide on the duration or when will the new executive to be elected but it seems they don’t wanted to do so.

With regards to that, a lots of rumours was going around on campus and these are statements of most of the students ” The choosing of this years SRC and NUGS executives will based on appointment, Thoroughly when it base on appointment it going to be biased during the selling and those who can work will left behind”.

In view of the above, SRC President made the below statements;

It is only Student who have the mandate to elect their own leaders by polls”. The SRC and it’s stakeholders are working hard behind doors to put things on the right path, we edge all students to have patients as we serve you – Oduro Emmanuel, SRC President

The Full interview yet to drop on our YouTube channel( LOUDINUEW TV) soon – WATCH OUT

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