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UEW Students

UEW Level 100 Student was Awarded CEO of 2021 First Time
First CEO award at age 21
University Student awarded CEO of the Year
UEW level 100 awarded CEO of the Year
First CEO awarded in first Edition of Ghana Young Achievers

The trajectory of Twenevator Company was just started with five students in the University of Education, Winneba. Twenevator was Non- Governmental Organization with the aim to support the education system and solving societal challenges through digitization.

Meanwhile, apart from education, all other sectors were in cohort reliable to be disrupted. This extended our focus from only education to all other social sectors such as Health, Business, Entertainment, etc.

Currently, Twenevator is a Social Enterprise which solves societal challenges through Education, Innovation and Digitalization. We chose to become social enterprise since the social welfare is our priority.

Our focus is on provision of; quality healthcare, quality education, scholarships and jobs through digitalization.

“The journey of entrepreneurship started fully in the first semester right after admission with the aim to solve societal challenges through digitalization. The core concept was on the target of employment and quality education. We had a vision to eradicate the terminology “Unemployment” in our country, Ghana and beyond Africa. Taking and starting from education sector was our priority thus to put a system which can employ all unemployed graduate teacher trained personnel. This phenomenon was set on digitalization but to its fullest level will be recruited in 2025. This will make the news of unemployed teacher trained associations thing of the past. No wonder, Twenevator Social Enterprise is governed by some students in the University of Education who had a vision to recruit their year mates who by any means do not get a chance to teach in their respective fields, though are qualified.

Twenevator Company which has made me the honour to my fellow entrepreneurs is interested to contribute its pivotal share to the wholesome of the country, besides Africa and the World Wide. Representing Ghana on the global scale in the socio-economic arena with powerful media to empower the native human resources for round and evenly widely development across all sectors, industries and sections.

Twenevator Company has already adopted ten (10) Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations which are to be catapulted to achieve all Social Cooperate Responsibilities in Communities, Countries, Continents and the World as a whole.

The competition was enormously participated with high assurance from self- esteem, determination, focus, aspiration and inspiration from lifetime contributors. Being such a young guy at age 21 and in level 100 of Political Science Department in the University of Education, I took the competition to express and apply my political knowledge, evaluate my crowd supporters and market size as well.

Not leaving the Most- Almighty God behind, all appreciation, gratitude, adore and blessing are placed on him for such successful history. The whole course was tactful that extra energy was demanded but was provided by God. Out of twelve participants in the category of CEO of the Year I had wide votes space against the second participant on the list with 1,120 votes.

Amazingly, we competed with companies which have been existed for more than five (5) years yet a Seven (7) month Start Up overtook the track by the leading activist Mr Tweneboah Isaac the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Twenevator Social Enterprise Company and President of Twenevator Network”..

Mr Tweneboah Isaac a young entrepreneur, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Twenevator Social Enterprise Company is a scalable, serial and social entrepreneur, business coach, author, project planner and manager, public and business administrator by calling and profession.

Apart from studying Political Science and Social Studies in the University of Education, he endeavors with all other relevant subjects, courses and programs to make his dreams reality ones. In 2018, he was awarded with seven (7) certificates from different portfolios in Osei Tutu Senior High School making his record unprecedented since then.

He completed the school with variety of leadership and managerial knowledge, attitude and skills which have contributed to his current status. His leadership qualities have been sharpened from childhood in all sectors from Business, Humanitarian, Education, Politics, Economics, Social and Technological sectors. Brilliant, Creative, Innovative, Inventor and Public Relator is he, hoping to see him excelling from all angles and this earned him the name Universal General Isaac Tweneboah.

Tweneboah is never static, fixed or specialized, he is so adaptable, dynamic, idealistic and creative which of course makes his administration variance to others. And I think one day he will be one of the exceptional visionary leaders Ghana has ever had in Africa. He cheers with everyone, mates, colleagues, team members etc. very humble, hardworking, persistent, focused and willing to sacrifice for vision.

“This glorification is propounded by and dedicated to; untired and industrious Board of Directors of Twenevator, ever ready Supporters and Fans of Twenevator, Educators, Electorates and all would be Entrepreneurs. My primary school teachers made me great especially Rastus and Ghasty, may your profession yield supportive and positive fruits to the world if not through anyone, I will do.

Thanks to the Patron of Scripture Union, Mr Aggrey Prosper, Patron of Savvy Generation, Mr Asiedu Clement and other teachers in the Osei Tutu SHS, Akropong. Not forgetting the knowledgeable lecturers in the University of Education, the only lecturers who train problem solvers instead of just book readers.

Lecturer Vincent, Foundation of Social Studies’ Lecture actually pushed me into action after attending his successful course. Thanks to the Administration Board of UEW which is fantastically growing us with relevant resources needed. We really appreciate your trust, interest, investment and supports though we just started, you are engaged in all productions from our Start Up. On behalf of the Twenevator Company, I say Ayekoo, Akpe, Merci, Me daase, thank you”.

Speaking on the onset, the General Manageress Jemima Agbe gave her emotional expressions saying: “We were eager for the nomination and though Twenevator Company was just seven (7) months startup, we were highly assured for distinction because of the energy, the work that we have put in. And on winning the CEO of the year, we were very excited and grateful to God and we have realized that our work is being recognized.

And this award will be a catalyst to encapsulate our overall inputs for exceptional outputs from Twenevator Company.

However, as students lead company, Twenevator struggles with a lot of dimensional distractions from angle of; Fiscal Instability, Human Resource Scarcity, Capital Resource Inadequate and Market Mobilization.

On this note, our door is opened for investors, donors and partners for business acceleration. Twenevator is forever in for humanity, not self interest or for profit motive but to seek for the social welfare of the public through digitization.

On this core value, Twenevator has designed an educational online platform to accommodate all unemployed graduate educators to set their own jobs and attract markets from users on the platform. is the first product of Twenevator Company named after the company with education as industry target. is International Educational Market for all educational resources, materials and information.

It serves as a venue to Play, Buy and Learn educational resources. The only platform where educators and learners are paid globally. Besides, there are over fifteen (15) pending soft products to be executed all in the contribution to human betterment.

Concisely, our clients, users, customers and passers should expect nothing but the quality soft products from us starting from the year 2022. Once again, congratulations to you, you are part of our occasional history.”

This performance has clarified that when Twenevator Company is sponsored, supported or incubated from Government Departments, Private Companies and Cooperate Individuals the Company will be surely the backbone of African Software and Digital Industry.


Standing on this recommendation, the company has organized Three Year Intensive Fundraising Program titled Agenda 2025 to call for all donors, charities, fans to contribute their quota. To request for support, all investors, donors, partners, fans and other social stakeholders are cordially invited to sum up their contributions to make the Start Up a large company. For; donations, more information, enquiry, assistance, customer care and any related attention WhatsApp: 0558496829, 0552966098, 0247105200 Call: 0555176203, 0575902781
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Follow Mr Tweneboah Isaac the CEO of Twenevator on all media with the name Vennes Tweneboah and the Manageress, with name Jemima Agbe.


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