UEW Local NUGS President Issahaque Ismail Must Apologize to UEW – EZEKIEL N. QUARSHIE


It is rather unfortunate and very disappointing for the UEW Local NUGS Executives to join forces with the National NUGS to tarnish the image of our beloved school, we could all attest to the fact that UEW never deferred any student for not paying fees.The UEW Management has been very passionate and sober to the pleads of the SRC by making sure they give time for students to pay fees and register. The school could have gone all out to defer students who are owing fees like it nearly happened in KNUST.

The SRC President has done a lot. The first time the portal has been opened severally for students to register hence he deserves a standing ovation.Since when did NUGS realise students of UEW are at the risk of deferment. Is it after over 95% of students have registered?

For the local NUGS President to issue that counter release and write on his status inciting students against the SRC P.R.O is very disrespectful and needs serious condemnation.

The release from the local NUGS to me is self seeking and seeking to please some individuals at the expense of the UEW Management and the SRC.

Does the NUGS and UEW local NUGS know the effect of putting out false information in the public domain. Have they read the 1992 and what it says on that. I think the Local NUGS President has joined forces with NUGS at the national level to steal the glory of the UEW SRC and Management and has by extension brought the name of UEW to disrepute. It is a palpable falsehood that 8,000 students of UEW are at the risk of deferment.

Even in the case you are not in agreement with what the SRC P.R.O has written in defence of the school, you don’t release to counter his statement.
_The local NUGS President Issahaque Ismail Tuohesung should bow his head in shame_


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