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A good relationship turned sour after both lovers tested positive for HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). One partner who is also a Ghanaian Nurse could not embrace the sad news as she felt her whole world is crushing down. 

According to the story shared by ‘Mano kekame page’, the lady is threatening to end her own life because she can not leave with family and friends with such virus. 

“I am a nurse and I just tested for positive for HIV. I want to ask if there are nurses in Ghana who are HIV positive too? Because I’m really depressed.”

She alleged the boyfriend gave it to her as he also tested positive. She explained that, she leaves in a different region and the boyfriend is in Tema (Greater Accra) she thinks he had been sleeping with different girls, because she has not being cheating on him.


“I don’t cheat on my boyfriend but look at me now, it’s like my life has come to an end. In fact I want to end it all!! How am I going to explain it to my parents? And how do I leave with this disease?”- a lot of questions kept running through her mind. 

When you are HIV positive, don’t kill yourself but rather understand that you have the disease. Hence go through the medical procedures by taking your drugs. She is even a nurse and ought to know better but you know, sometimes when you are depressed you can even forget your capabilities. Aww!! 


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