Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Victoria Hamah and brother Lord Hamah

Lord Hamah, a former propaganda secretary of the National Democratic Congress, has described his elder sister, Victoria Lakshmi Hamah, a former Deputy Minister of Communications under the erstwhile John Mahama administration as “a national sex symbol.”

He urged his sister to find a man to carry and serve her because her social ‘relevance’ is sex and if she cannot, she should bury herself in the grave of time.

Mr Hamah got into exchanges with his sister otherwise known as Vicky Hamah, after she posted some unsavoury comments on her Facebook page.

Mr Hamah on Monday, December 21, wrote on his Facebook timeline: “I will not honour defeat.”

Miss Hamah, who was the second person to comment on her brother’s post, wrote: “You contested elections and had three votes.”

She added that she was her brother’s polling agent at the time that he had his three votes but he did not pay her for the job.

This did not go down well with Mr Hamah who then started the vitriolic language on his elder sister using social media.

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