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Ghanaian politician, Kennedy Agyapong has leaked chats of Bishop Obinim planning to kill his junior pastor, Saviour.

The business man in the past weeks leaked visuals of Bishop Obinim sleeping with the wife of one of his church members.

He also exposed Bishop Obinim as being an occult as he uses the blood of babies for money rituals.

Bishop Obinim decided to concede defeat to Kennedy Agyapong with all
the allegations leveled against him, however his wife, Florence Obinim
went ahead to blast Kennedy Agyapong.

Honorable Agyapong who decided to take backseat because of the COVID
19 situation finally came back to furious respond to the ignorance of
Bishop Obinim’s wife, Florence and exposed more secrets about Bishop

Speaking on Hot Seat a programme on Net2TV, Kennedy Agyapong exposed
Bishop Obinim who is planning to kill one of his junior pastors, by name

According to the chats leaked by Kennedy Agyapong, Obinim threatened
to kill his junior pastor, Savior in a chat conversation with him.

Obinim in the chats said to Savoir;The Next Dead Person Is You. Mark On The Wall.

Kennedy Agyapong further explained that, the reason why Obinim wants
to kill Savior is that he was bold enough to speak about the despicable
things Obinim was doing.

Ken. Agyapong added that, Obinim is fond of sleeping with ladies in
the church and then handing over to his junior pastors to marry them.

However, Savoir was different and decided to select the lady he wants
to marry which Bishop Obinim did not agree and said that Savior’s
marriage won’t last for a year.

                      KINDLY WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW.

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