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A waitress left people stunned after she had s*x with a customer right inside the restaurant.

This is the video everyone is talking about showing a waitress on CCTV having s*x with a customer outside a restaurant in Thailand.
According to, the footage of the incident was leaked online earlier this month and shows the woman straddling a long-haired man just minutes after the restaurant had closed.
The pair got intimate while sitting on the chair but have to stop quickly when a colleague walks in on them. The incident took place at a cafe in northeast Thailand and was shared online by a fellow member of staff.
He said: ‘The man had been waiting until after the bar closed. They thought it was quiet and that nobody would disturb them.
‘Unfortunately for them there are cameras everywhere. They could have just waited another 30 minutes and found a room.’
Watch video below:

Source: Faceofmalawi

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