Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Still, in addressing critical matters of the country, the CEO of Loud Silence Tv spoke about two influential comedians and how they are not helping the country in these hard times.

Here’s what he said about DKB and Kalybos;

What is funny about this DKB’s comedy? What work does he do? People do this similar thing and it is bad.

You can’t be sarcastic when a government is fooling. These airheads sit on Twitter and Instagram only to misinform people.

This same guy was part of the crew for the Dumsor demonstration. People like him can read and write.

They don’t even use their platforms to inform people that they are smart and can read between lines.

They should be going against the government when situations fall out in the country to speak for the people.

What is Kalybos doing in these times of hardships in the country? They are people the NPP use for advertisement.

Now that electricity and water tariff charges are about to increase, what are the so-called influential comedians doing about it?

They don’t even understand the followership they have and what it means. Ghanaians have made certain mentally retarded people celebrities.

I want to direct the attention of the youth to people like these. They are like NPP foot soldiers.

If you are a young man or woman on social media, be careful who you listen to. These same people spoke when things were going well for the NPP, but when things went south, they are not talking.


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