Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

The spokesperson of the national Chief Imam, Sheikh Shaibu has dropped some ways the Muslims in the country will adopt to help save the country from any terrorist attack.

Speaking on Joy News this evening, Sheikh Shaibu revealed that the Islamic religion is a very peaceful one. He added that the peace of the religion will continue to reign and any inference will be fired. He added Muslims in the country will be given tips so that anytime they hear of any hint of terrorism, authorizes would be informed with immediate effect.

“Ghana is blessed because we have a good relationship with Christians in this country. The ground is not soft for the terrorists. I can guarantee you that and I am confident. We are alerting our people that anytime we see any sign of terrorism in anybody, we will expose the person” he said.

He also added that the Muslim community will from time to time talk to their people so that authorities will get quick information if there is any hint of terrorism. He also revealed that the Islam community will do anything possible to make that the country is safe at all times and they will make sure that any intended terrorism will be aborted.

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