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As said by Dr. Ravi Zakaria, “the young man grows with the quest for meaning in life”. What do I do after school? Is often times asked by many graduate especially Senior High School leavers. The high school has lost it potential of equipping young ones with adequate skill for employment. It has lost resilience in the Self Confidence it profess to give. In addition, I think it has failed to let us know that the body of knowledge gained is useful. What do I do, should be a probe from what do I have.

As anonymously said, ‘you can’t give what you don’t have’ the employer demands what you have to offer for the growth of his or her enterprise and therefore YOUR COMPETENCE COUNT. Competence is an explicit sign of self-motivated factor obtained from a well-practiced craft. In other words, experience. You are not a tabular razor, you have received knowledge so you do not have doubt your abilities. The next stage of life after SHS is all about mastery of craft for job. So it is either one thinks of upgrading through a tertiary institution or be a field practitioner of a course of study such as welding. Again, one can be employed for meager payment in order for personal development, which may attract higher salaries in the future. As other companies, call it ‘trainee programme’. You do not need to rush dear; there are so many opportunities for you to obtain a tertiary education even if you want it free. Join our Webinar from the 3rd-4th October 2020 for more at a cost of 8.00 GH Cedis only.

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