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What’s happening, 4 Junka Town actors dead in 3 years (photos)

The movie Junka town, was the talk of town some years back and really uplifted the actors and actresses from western region.

One shocking thing that has been observed was that, as small as the
production was, 4 of its member has lost their lives within 3 years.

Below is the list of the lives that were lost.

KOJO ANTWI, (Abele Wabedem).

KOJO ANTWI, (Abele Wabedem) died of cardiac arrest on October 15, 2019.

MANSA MENSAH, (Ajara Mapouka).

MANSA MENSAH, (Ajara Mapouka) died of an unknown illness on Monday, 1st January 2018.


Valerie Chidima Austin, a 21-year-old Actress cum Singer starred in the popular TanganyikaVow of Silence and Junka Town comic
series passed on in 2018. According to a close to Valerie, the actress
had an attack while at her beach residence in Takoradi. She was rushed
to the Takoradi Hospital and later transferred to the Cape Coast
Hospital where she gave up her ghost at dawn.


After a brief taste of fame, Bolga Zee, a cast of Junka Town passed on.
He featured in a movie titled “Iphone7” which was produced by Junka
Town. Although the cause of death is yet to be determined, speculations
are that the actor was ill.


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