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The hospitality and tourism management is an industry which deals with face to face interactions with customers and behind the scenes to make people feel better. Careers in hospitality include catering, hotel management, event planning, tourist guards and so on. Employers in this field range from smaller, family run businesses to international organizations. The hospitability field is the best place to learn customer services because it deals with a great deal of customer satisfaction than anything else. It is appropriate to choose a career in hospitality as it produces a lot of advantages. Below are 5 reasons why you should choose a career in hospitality.

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First, a career in hospitality and tourism management exposes you to a lot of job opportunities. Jobs in hospitality have been for some time now in very high demand. Day in day out, recruiters are looking for people to take up hospitality duties in their firms and other places. Hence, it is very easy to find a job with a hospitality background. Some job opportunities include, travel and tour agents, hotel managers and staff, business and marketing, event and conference planning, catering and restaurant management and many others. It also offers job progression. Hospitality also serves as grounds for acquiring skills to progress in your career or into a job with higher responsibilities. For instance, a sales girl can gradually move up to be an event organizer.

Second, there is high level of flexibility in hospitality. Hospitality jobs offer the highest form of flexibility not mostly found in many fields. For instance, an event planner can work on a wedding today and work on a conference meeting tomorrow. Hospitality provides that variety and flexibility. Many people are able to manage hospitability jobs and study along. Also, sometimes there comes a time where people take a break to think about the career they really want, hospitality jobs can fill these gaps giving you both income and purpose in these in-between times.

Third, hospitality provides an exciting work environment. Working as a tourist guide or hostel staff can be exciting as the work places are nice, serene and experience a lot of action always. It also gives you the opportunity to see the world where you can travel all around or encounter and serve both foreigners and local people which can help you improve on your customer-relation skills. You will be paid to work in different countries, experience a lot of cultures, and go for career building conferences which will go a long way to help you.

Fourth, it provides job stability. As far as people will need food, shelter and certain services in this world, hospitality jobs will never run out. Hospitality services will always be needed making the jobs in this industry very stable. So if you have a hospitality background, be rest assured to find jobs always. This has made hospitality one of the ideal providers of solid and lasting careers.

Fifth, hospitality eliminates the ‘stuck in a cubicle all day long’ experience. It gives you variety and is constantly changing. In hospitality jobs, you do not need to be stuck in an office all day long, it involves moving around to do different tasks which makes you feel, think and react better. Hospitality is the right place to consider if you have no taste for boredom.

In conclusion, people normally limit hospitality jobs to just bar tenders, waiters and others but there is more to hospitality than just that. It is one of the largest industries; encompassing a lot you can find. It spans from the creative person to the corporate-minded person.

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