Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

According to TV3, 25 years old Ganiu Gafaru has confessed to the Zebilla Court that he wickedly tied the leg and hands of his girlfriend Eunice Anane. Not only that, he broke her neck to death and Drained her innocent blood for money rituals.

This came to light after his own father who chanced upon the wicked act reported him to the Ghana Police Service at Zebilla. Post mortem carried out pointed to the fact that Eunice Anane was truly Murdered. Her neck and spinal cord was broken with plenty amount of blood Drained from her body.

It was also reported that, some juju and money ritualists from Tamale who helped Ganiu Gafaru to commit the act are on the run. However, the court has postponed the case to a latter date for further investigation and action.

What a sad way for a beautiful black woman to die. She trusted him so much.

The family of Eunice Anane are still crying for justice. You can click on the link below to watch the sad gatherings.


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