Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Slay mama

A Plus size lady shocked social media users after she went live on Facebook and shamelessly recorded a live video entertaining 4 pot-bellied men.The lady, who was tipsy after indulging in alcohol that was flowing freely in a lodging where they were engaging in an orgy, confessed that she was in dire need of ‘police abaa ’, adding that she prefers the ‘14 inch’ type.

She gave her body freely to the starved men who touched her sensitive parts in turns and at some point, she removed her top and displayed her big milkshakes live on facebook.The lady shouted that it was the best moment of her life and the men didn’t waste any chance.They stimulated s£x with her in turns as she continued spewing garbage live on facebook.

When a section of Netizens condemned the lady, she fired back saying that the ‘toto’ is hers and she can give it to anyone she feels like.All the 4 men whose faces were clearly displayed and one just wonders how their wives will react after seeing the video.

Watch The Video Below.


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