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I have for the past few years in my association with the respectable University of Education, Winneba, been reading, listening and watching all sorts of ill comments made about our alma mater, UEW most especially on social media by its own students which make me feel disappointed in such students.

I do not believe that there are no challenges and discomforts in other universities but it is rare to come by their students making ridiculous statements and posts about their universities in the public domain as a way of expressing their disappointments and frustrations about their schools. The reason is, they hold their institutions in high esteem and will forever defend them at all times and will hardly wash their dirty cloths in public.

On the contrary, the typical UEW student will always jump to social media using the logo of the school, making all sorts of ill comments about the school anytime they face a challenge out of frustration. As teacher trainees and academia, we should be able to contain our disappointments and frustrations most times by not exposing our institution too much to the public, for it gives a bad image about the school.

What we fail to be reminded of is the fact that all of us are students of UEW by choices and not by accident nor under coercion. It is here that we aspire to be awarded certificates for future and that we cannot expect the outside world to value your certificate after you have made all forms of irrelevant public ridicules and mockery about the same institution you hold their award.

Yes, there are challenges everywhere  but no challenge is beyond solution should a better approach be used to addressing it.

Do you now realise that it was irrelevant and shameful that you posted such ill comments about the institution on your WhatsApp status, on your Facebook wall, on your Instagram pages, on your Twitter handles, etc? What positive reward did you gain after doing so? Was it just for public attention? I believe that our of sobriety after chancing on this message, you may have a second thought.

Value your school so that a reverse of such value will be given to you by the outside world.

Do not out of whichever impulses and emotions express your disappointments and frustrations about the institution on social media where there is no relevant cause to do so, for without value and respect for your alma mater, the outside world will forever devalue you and your potentials.

We have been doing better than others on the job market and in public discourse and we can continuously become victorious but not without according the institution a little value and respect, for we cannot eat our cakes and have it too.

Let us all rally behind our own institution, UEW and “victory shall be ours. We shall fight, fight on and succeed”.

Oscar Anning


Department of Languages Education

B.A English Language Education.


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