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Having a job is very essential for one’s day to day activities as most people fend on what they earn from their jobs. Therefore, many people find it very difficult to quit their jobs regardless of what happens. Nonetheless, you should not relent to quitting your job when you think it is the best decision for you to take at that time. Be quick to quit your job if you are experiencing these;

First of all, when after you return home every day, you feel down spirited and unhappy. If after long hours of working at your workplace you cannot find happiness or fulfillment, it means your soul is unhappy with the job and therefore you need to quit. Your job is supposed to be something which makes you happy to do and leaves you fulfilled after it is done. So if you are constantly experiencing down spirits and unhappiness with you work, it may mean that is not the ideal place you want to be hence you need to quit in order to pursue what you truly want to do.

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Secondly, you should quit your job if you keep making little, careless and unpardonable mistakes. Mistakes may be little but they go a long way to go to affect production or output. If you are constantly making such mistakes, it means your concentration is not on your job but something elsewhere hence you need to quit. It may also mean that your commitment to the job, your employers and co-workers is diminishing or has diminished. Therefore, it will be good on your part to quit before you make a grievous mistake which will cause your company a lot.

Also, one important reason to quit your job is when you feel great stress and bring negative energy home. Stress is one thing that kills the both the spirit and soul. No work is stress-free because no matter how good you are at your job or how lenient your role is, you will be stressed once in a while but if you are constantly stressed about your job, then there must be a question mark. This may go a long way to affect you if you do not quit. Stress has serious health implications and if not controlled, it may affect you badly. It is therefore highly advisable to quit jobs that are constantly stressing you out.
Quit your job if your job environment is dangerous and unfriendly. If you are exposed to a lot health hazards, what becomes the essence if even you are earning so much and can be hurt or killed at any time? Factors like this need much consideration, you should not stay at places which pose threats to your life. It is very advisable to quit you job if you always feel unsafe around there.
If you are making no progress at your work place for quite a longtime then it is time to leave. It is essential that you grow in every venture you take. Being stagnant does not encourage growth. If you have realized that after a long while of working at a particular place, you have not improved either in your productivity, skills or personal life, then you should be prepared to leave. Also, if opportunities keep passing you by in the company. As in, you do not get pay raises when you ask for them, loose promotion positions when you apply and what have you then you should move on. Perhaps, that place or that particular work cannot help you improve.

Last but not least, you should consider quitting you job if you experience certain petty things like not feeling like going to work often and having a very poor relationship with your co-workers. These things may seem little but as they continue, if care is not taken, it will affect the rate of your productivity. Having a cordial relationship with your co-workers is essential for good team work to improve the work so if it is not there and after trying for some time, it still is not there, then it is time to leave. Not feeling like going to work often is also a sign that you have no interest in what you are doing so just quit and find something that you have much interest in to do.

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