Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

The genesis of the US-based Ghanaian journalist and social media commentator’s attacks comes on the back of a copyright infringement report the head pastor of the Action Chapel International Ministry made to Facebook against him.

Kevin Taylor was accused of using portions of a video of Mr Williams speaking to his congregation without proper permission – an act that goes against Facebook’s community standards.

To resolve this, Facebook pulled the video down, contacted Kevin via email and outlined steps he could follow, including reaching out to Mr Williams for consent, before his content can be re-uploaded.

In a reactionary video, Kevin Taylor took Duncan Williams to the cleaners as he castigated him in a video ladened with insults.

He called him a womaniser, liar and fake pastor who hides under the cloak of Christianity to deceive his followers.

He also dared Duncan Williams to pray for his son to heal and stop abusing illicit drugs if he claims to be a powerful man of God.


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